Pre-op Instructions

In Office Surgery

  • The lab work must be done and sent to our office within (3) days of your surgery.
  • You may eat, however, not heavily.
  • Unless otherwise instructed have someone to drive you home.
  • Insurance forms should be filled out and signed and presented on or before the day of your surgery.
  • A minimum of one third down payment is to be made (2) days prior to the date of surgery.

 Hospital Surgery

  • The lab work must be done within (6) days of surgery. If done by your family Physician, please have him/her check with me for the studies which I will need.
  • Do not eat drink or drink anything after midnight before your surgery.
  • Smokers: Stop or cut back!
  • If you are being admitted to the short stay unit, have someone pick you up to drive you home.
  • Contact the admission office of the hospital the day prior to the surgery as to what time to arrive at the center or hospital:
    Sequioa (650-367-5627)
    Washington Outpatient Surgery Center (510-791-5374)
    Fremont Surgery Center (510-793-4987),
  • Bring in (2) completed and signed insurance forms with a minimum deposit ofOne-third of the surgical fee no later than (2) days prior to date of surgery. This includes your disability forms which need to be completed.
  • Please remove all nail polish.
  • Start taking a multi-vitamin (no or minimal Vitamin E) which contains Zinc.
  • Bring the surgical shoe and consent to the hospital with you.
  • Stop taking aspirin or any other anti-inflammatory medication other than Tylenol 1 week prior to surgery.