Workers’ Compensation

Dr. Wilson is specially licensed by the State of California as a Qualified Medical Examiner (Q.M.E.) to review work related injuries. He is also an Agreed Medical Examiner (A.M.E.) when both the plaintiff and defendant decide to accept his opinion. If you are being seen for a Q.M.E. or A.M.E. please go the section on forms and fill out those forms related to workers compensation injuries. Having those forms filled in their entirety and in advance will speed up the process of your visit. Please bring those completed forms with you at the time of your appointment.

Our goal is to help you get back to work as quickly and appropriately as possible. We will help you get through the entire process—from examination and assessment through treatment, rehabilitation and your release back to work.

Upon receiving the appointment request from your physician or urgent care facility, we will attempt to schedule your appointment within 24-48 hours.

Please be sure to bring any X-Rays, MRI films or other records you had taken prior to your appointment with Dr. Wilson. Please obtain these from your referring physician or urgent care facility and hand-carry them to your appointment. This will save time and allow us to provide you with quality care more quickly.

After your examination, Dr.Wilson’s report will be sent to your insurance provider. They will review and provide authorization for any additional tests, therapy or surgery.

Follow-up visits will be scheduled after your appointment, as needed.